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Most companies experience vast competition from other suppliers of similar offerings. Thus, communication of the unique benefits of your offering is vital - and it is vital that your communication reaches your potential clients. This demands a detailed understanding of your clients, their online behavior and their preferences as to presentation of your business. We can assist you in answering these questions and subsequently adjusting your content and channels to reach your customers where they are.

Below you will find a description of some of the tools, we use:


Generally speaking, 50-80% of all website visitors reach sites from search engines. Thus, your search ranking is crucial for the success of your sites. To improve chances of being found by current and potential customers, different techniques are available to improve your ranking. We can help increase the chance of your sites being spotted by your audience.

Google Analytics

Understanding user behaviour is often the key to improving your online presence. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to analyse who visits your website, where they come from, how they found your site and how they act once they are there. This can help reveal methods of improving the scope of your website and your additional online channels. We can help set up the necessary code on your site to register visitor behaviour in Google Analytics. We can also help analysing the data and thereafter suggest improvements.

Content Marketing

How may the content of your sites help position your company as a leader in your field? With the right content in the right place you may brand yourself as an expert, thereby adding value to your offering. We can help you define what type of content appeals to your target audience as well as how you best present it. Additionally we can help you produce new content for your sites.

Social media

If your target audience is present in the social media, why shouldn?t you be? We can help uncover possibilities and challenges of a social media presence for your specific business. We offer counselling with regards to choice of media, types of content, launching strategy, user involvement etc. We also offer implementation and management of your social media sites.

For more information?

Above are just a few of the tools we use for improving online marketing. We are happy to have a chat about your business and how to improve your online presence.

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