We have many years' experience as suppliers to the finance sector. We understand the complexity of the sector and the individual customer needs, and we know that safety and traceability are keywords in your business. Consequently, we develop flexible products for the finance sector that meet your and your customers' needs for user-friendly solutions, providing security in complex decision-making processes.


We stay focused on development and implementation of our solutions in close co-operation with each individual customer. We are always part of the process from initial concept, development and implementation to after-sales support and further development. As a result you will experience a solution, which fits perfectly into your working procedures and also works smoothly with your existing software solution.


Our finance platform, CMD, provides an overview of your various websites and intranet, and it also offers a number of online banking services. Our trade solution, MarketShare, is an innovative market portal, enabling your customers to monitor their securities. Together our products streamline your working procedures, attract new customers and increase transactions on your websites.