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Nordjysk Elhandel

Nordjysk Elhandel - one of Scandinavia's leading energy trading and management companies, specialized in management services and trading of electricity, natural gas and CO2 chose to invest in IT solutions in order to automate its business processes in connection with electricity trading.


Conscius' employees specialised in developing software products to the energy sector developed a platform, which is integrated with the existing business systems. Consequently, the products now reach the market faster and better, at a lower risk and by use of fewer resources.

Two organisations with different capabilities have worked together closely, creating unique solutions. So far, the solutions have strengthened a number of areas, minimizing operational risks and streamlining the flow in working procedures, e.g. in connection with:

  • Pricing for customer billing
  • Quotations for contract generation
  • Hedging of customer exposures
  • Controlling in connection with trading
  • Contract generation in Risk Management system

In addition to strengthening the individual value added processes, the solution also entails the following advantages:

  • Trades may be completed, using only a few clicks
  • Operational risks have been eliminated as the processes are tied together by IT
  • A reduction in lead time of up to 75 %
  • Completion of trades requires less resources
  • Control of signed trades has been automated and now only requires periodic random check
  • Processes are connected and integrated with existing business systems, e.g.: CRM, ERP, risk and billing system, this is crucial for success

A good working relationship has been established, which will continue in future in order to secure IT foundation for continuous and ambitious growth targets.

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