We have thorough knowledge of the energy sector, and we understand the importance of maintaining a competitive edge. We also know that the industry is in a constant state of flux. The circomstances in the energy sector place great demands on the software solution, you decide to invest in today. However, it is also essential that your software supplier stay informed of the prevailing conditions. At Conscius, we strive to stay at the cutting edge of developments, and ensure that your solution continually matches your requirements.


The energy market is continuously changing, demanding flexibility and willingness to adapt to the changing needs in your company. In order to meet these demands, we develop flexible solutions, which enable you to keep up with the changing market demands. We are always part of the process from initial concept, development and implementation to after-sales support and further development. Consequently, you will experience a solution, which fits perfectly into your working procedures, and continues to work, even when your demands change.


Midas is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for energy suppliers. Midas is developed with an extensive knowledge of the energy market and the opportunities and challenges facing suppliers. The system enables suppliers to ensure profitability and obtain an extensive overview of the details of value creation and processes. Additionally, suppliers will be able to boost their market position by reducing risks and relocating resources to where they create the most value.