Midas ensures profitability in the business, creates a surplus in the sales process by relocating resources to where they create the most value. Midas generates increased insight into the details of value creation, and last but not least, enhances competitiveness on the energy market...

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We supply software products for the finance and energy sectors, and we develop our products in close collaboration with our customers. By taking pride in understanding our customers' business as well as their challenges and potentials, we are able to pave the way for simple solutions to advanced problems. Our approach results in sophisticated solutions integrated in the existing software setup and customised to meet working procedures.


MarketShare is the modern bank's preferred investment portal and web interface, which motivates banking customers and investors to trade, reorganize and monitor their securities - by simpler presentation of and better insight into investment terms and potentials...

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We are always heading new ways. Based on our high level of ambition, we actively seek inspiration from our surroundings - near and far. We are all experts within our fields and within our specific business area. We encourage new ideas and make room for alternative solutions, thus providing the best possible foundation for new and innovative solutions to trade specific challenges.


CMD is a complete system that organises, controls and structures information across systems and media within the finance sector. The system targets the finance world's demands for safe and responsible storage and handling of large amounts of information...

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Ever since Conscius was founded in 1999, we have specialised in solutions for the finance and energy sectors. Throughout the years, we have stayed focused on learning from our customers and as a result, we have thorough knowledge of the processes, working procedures and special demands for safety, quality and performance, which these lines of business place on their systems. When you deal with Conscius, you deal with a company that delivers.